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Work from home and make money online with eBay Auctions!!!


Working from home on eBay with online auctions is by far the easiest way to make money online. You can too!

Getting on eBay and making money from home using online auctions is one of the best ways to get started with your own home based business. Working from home on eBay is one of the easiest home based businesses you can start, maintain, and earn a profit from. Because you work from home anyone can do it, even teenagers and seniors! The concept is simple; buy a product cheaply and sell it online for a higher price. You can even buy stuff on eBay that you can turn around and sell on e Bay! This all equals profits! Think of it like having a neighborhood yards sale; you can sell old items that are just lying around the house or forgotten about in the attic but now anyone in the world with an internet connection can browse your yard sale on eBay. You can find unused items from your family, friends, and neighbors or buy a product online very cheaply (on eBay or not.)

Does that mean that anyone can make money online when they work from home using online auctions on eBay? Well, yes it does. EBay doesn't discriminate. In fact people from all walks of life sold over $44 billion in gross merchandise on eBay just last year alone. If you consider all of the other online auction sites like,,, etc., you can imagine why making money using an online auction type home based businesses has quickly become one of the most profitable business models available today.

So, ask yourself this question; "How would you like to make money from home using online auctions on eBay?" Sounds pretty good right? What's not to like about working from home or making money online on eBay?! Okay - While it's important to set realistic goals, be sure not to sell yourself short. EBay auctions can be very lucrative - think of it this way - eBay online auctions work!

So, how can you start making money working from home on eBay? Well, the first step is to realize that the only person that can make it happen is you. Once you are motivated to start making money with eBay online auctions, read as much information as you can about it. The more you know about online auctions and working from home on eBay the more money you will make selling online.

For the purpose of keeping the business concept simple, let's just concentrate only on eBay (eBay is the largest online auction site - I think of eBay as a kind of hub around which everything else in the online auction world revolves). However, as you become more proficient with online auctions be sure to expand your expertise outside of eBay and try some other online auctions as well.


What you will need to get started on eBay:

• A credit card, debit card, or other pre-paid card

• Computer and Internet Access (must be high speed!)

• Product - Buy low and sell high (this in the fun part of selling on eBay!)

• A few hours a day

• A quite work environment


If you are not familiar with eBay, now would be a good time to go look at their site, so go to It's easy to understand even though at first glance in may appear a little cluttered. You can sell anything you can imagine using online auctions here on eBay. For example, a couple from Colorado recently sold real snow from the last snow storm of winter. So, your imagination is your only limitation. Also, remember that one person's junk is another person's treasure. Learning how to sell on eBay can be loads of creative fun!

Now, obviously, getting the product at a low price and selling online for a high price is the "meat and potatoes" of using eBay successfully. Unfortunately it's also the most complicated part of using eBay. There are a number of wholesale warehouse that sell items for the specific purpose of allowing you to resell the products using online auctions on eBay. Often you can find items for sale with up to an 80% discount or even better. Using these kinds of wholesalers to make your online eBay auction profits is called DropShipping.

One of the most important things you must do as you begin working to establish yourself on eBay is to pick a place where you can work and keep your “stuff.” Few things will make your home based business selling on eBay fail faster than not having a place where you can organize your references and online auction materials. Having your eBay office in a den or a spare bedroom where it is out of the way of daily living would be ideal; however, as this is not a perfect world we live in it's not an absolute requirement. If necessary, your eBay workplace can be in your bedroom if it can be kept isolated and undisturbed from the other areas and activities in that room.

Also, placing your eBay workplace on your kitchen table is not a good idea, as you would have to set up and tear down your eBay area quite often, which increases the likelihood of lost or misplaced information. This will lead to a lot of frustration for yourself and others who live with you. If you live alone, or have no other space for your eBay business this option can work in the short term, but the long term goal should be for a more secluded work area to run your online auctions from.

Even if you do not have the ideal solution for your eBay workplace right now decide on a place that you can use in the short term, and make long term plans for something more permanent. Selling using online auctions on eBay can be fun but you need to set yourself up to succeed, especially if you are just starting to work from home.

Even if you have past experience with eBay online auctions and are only looking to improve your eBay online auctions skills, we suggest you start at the beginning and work as if your were new to online auctions. There may be information that will prove useful to the growth of your auction skills that you have not encountered in your previous auctions on eBay. You can also learn a lot about working from home!


As you continue to read these and other articles on the Internet about working from home using eBay online auctions, be sure to always:

• Take notes – underline, highlight, make notes in the margins or even in another notebook or on the computer. This is another level of active involvement in the learning process and helps to set concepts about eBay online auctions into your memory.

• Write down your questions. As you read and listen questions will come to your mind, whether they are about eBay, working from home, or online auctions in general. When they do, write them down as part of your notes, even if you don't have answers at the moment. Writing down your questions will help you remember them, focus your mind to find answers as you go forward, and assist you in keeping your learning plan organized and clear.


Now, in order for your knowledge about eBay online auctions to really grow take the time to read each article on eBay several times. For your learning to be most effective do not go more than 48 hours before reading up on eBay again. Studies and experience shows that spaced repetition is the most effective way to learn and retain information and build new skills.

So how often should you read or review each article on eBay? That will be up to you. In general, plan on two to four times. We have proven that the more you read each article the more you will learn and the better your base of information will be to build future knowledge about your online auctions business upon.

Now, many people set up auctions on eBay and are not successful. This doesn't mean that they don't sell something on eBay, but rather that they don't sell much and they don't make enough money on eBay to consider it a business. The reason they aren't successful is that they did not get the information and education they needed about eBay to successfully use online auctions on eBay before starting. They just jumped into working from home and did their first online auction and it fell flat.

So, take time and learn from each and every online auction. By studying your results on eBay and testing new strategies, you can increase your eBay sales conversion rates and make much more money working from home!

In order for online auctions from home on eBay to work for you, you must know how eBay itself works. Knowing how eBay works and how to make an eBay business work for you is a little tricky. Log on to learn lots more that will vastly simplify your experience working from home with online auctions on eBay.

Online auctions on eBay is the future!


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eBay Tips and Resources

Helping others with their eBay auctions home based businesses has been a part of our business for many years. We know the ups and downs regarding everything from listing to shipping. It is our best hope that the biggest lesson you learn is that you should always improve your knowledge base. Ultimately, this translates into learning from your mistakes and even better - from others.

· Mistake Number 1: Inadequate Research

· Do not allow the "smart", long-time auctioneers beat you out with their pricing. Create starting prices that are equal or lower than your competitors. This takes research, so go online and search your item.